Travel is a daring, soul-filling adventure that must be experienced. Today, we’re taking you to the fiery little capital city of the enigmatic Andaman archipelago. The islands are well connected to all major cities including Bombay, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, and New Delhi. And while most tourists use Port Blair as transit to reach other islands, many travellers remain to explore not just its past, but even what its magnificent present has to offer the curious adventurer.

Keeping on hand a few days in the capital city of the Andamans, we’re going to guide you through a few super-quick and easily accessible sites and locations loaded with fun activities at Port Blair to give you an enthralling vacation here.

Here’s a flavoursome guide for 2 days on a couple of super-quick and easy day trips to easily-accessible places of interest in and around this bustling little city once you Base yourself at our simply luxurious and well-connected SeaShell Coral Cove, a boutique hotel near airport, to make your holiday a satisfying success.

Day 1

We’ll start with an introduction to the city through its many museums, including a visit to the spectacular cellular jail where our freedom fighters lived and died for our independence. Best to refuel with a scrumptious bite at our multi-cuisine restaurant Mariposa with an exquisite view of our lush green surrounds. And while you choose between our buffet and a-la-carte, do ask reception to book your spot on the 4 pm ferry for the evening Ross Island visit where a beautifully created light and sound show on the erstwhile British capital itself takes you on a fascinating journey through history.

Return for some gorgeous chatter over drinks, and Asian and Indian chow at our delightful open-air rooftop Lounge-bar, Kai, where you can delight in the day gone by, and be reassured of the days yet to come. We wish you a restful night in our luxurious rooms of 3 different categories to choose from.

Day 2

Wake early and lace up to race up the highest peak in the South Andaman range, aka Mount Harriet. Possessing a stunning view of the ocean and surrounding scape, this beautiful hill is well preserved in its natural beauty and thriving birdlife. A gentle hike from the top will give you a healthy insight into the diverse flora and fauna of these islands.

Return for a sumptuous lunch at our ever-welcoming Mariposa restaurant in our open-air dining section and take in the tranquil vibe of our hotel, before heading out to see our city’s bazaar for a bit of shopping, the Marina Park esplanade with its cute and creative food trucks, and a stroll along Port Blair’s sole beach Corbyn’s Cove.

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-Team SeaShell


Q.: When is the best time to visit the Andamans?

A: Our tourist-season time in the Andamans is September to May. Peak season time is October to January. From March to May, we experience full-fledged tropical summers. And from May to September, we experience torrential wind and rain, resulting in the closure of inter-island ferry services, so this is our off-season.

Q.: What are the Andamans most famous for?

A. Historically, the cellular jail, now a monumental museum, held some of our country’s greatest freedom fighters. Anthropologically, we are famous for the existence of ancient tribes who were said to have migrated here during the first migration out of Africa. Environmentally, for our rich biodiversity both under and above water. We have some of the best dive sites in Southeast Asia and one of the best beaches in all of Asia.

Q.: Is it safe for solo travelers to visit the Andamans?

A: Yes, the Andamans are an extremely safe destination for solo travelers. But we recommend that you are still mindful of your belongings at all times.