Andaman and Nicobar Islands: A Photographer’s Paradise

Andaman & Nicobar Islands, a name synonymous with pristine beauty, is a photographer’s paradise. The monsoon has begun in the islands and it has created a canvas for the most picturesque clicks. The rain drops on the leaves to the flowing creeks which were silent during the summer are in full boom. 

A Tranquil Season: Monsoon 

The water sports activities are halted amidst safety concerns, and limited ferries are operated between the islands. The islands are no more flooding with tourists and places like Radhanagar beach at Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep) are lonely. When we begin to think that it is not the right time to visit the Andaman Islands, the original inhabitants of the islands come to life. 

Monsoon Magic in the Andamans

When nature decides to shower us with its eternal wonder- the rains, everything comes alive. The forest is alive with wonders all around it. The small insects in hibernation are out and about. The withered trees awaiting rains have revived. The new leaves have started to sprout, and as the water is absorbed in the depths of the earth, it brings everything back to life. Those scattered seeds have risen from the ground, breathing in carbon dioxide and giving back the elixir of life. 

 Nature’s Palette

The sunrises and sunset are no longer bright and sunny, but the sun enclosed in the cloud with only rays trying to peek out is a thing of beauty. Watch the sunrise from the Flag Point in Port Blair, where the skies are filled with a hundred different colors and hues of the monsoon creating a perfect painted background for all photography enthusiasts. 

If this doesn’t bring joy to you, then just watching those drops pour in the ground is soul soothing. Imagine yourself with a cup of tea with this view, a  surreal moment synonymous to Andaman islands at this time. 

Lush Landscapes and Hidden Wonders

The Peacocks inhabiting the historical ruins of Ross Islands are thrilled and put on a show for these downpours. The wild and indigenous Andaman pigeons drenched in the weather charismatically shook away the water. The Kingfishers are thrilled by the abundance of fish swarming the seas as the rain drops fall on the surface of the sea. 

The landscape is lush green but the earth is leaden under the fallen leaves. Each step is carefully taken to avoid squishing those tiny beings unseen and hidden but carefully strolling the landscape.

The Majestic Sea

The sea around the islands are also touched with this transformation. When in summer we have these calm blues glittering and sparkling, the monsoon brings its fierce avatar. Witnessing those light shades of blue and muddy stirred shores make us realize that nature is above us all.