Bonova Pub at Seashell Havelock 

Looking for calm, safe, turquoise waters and white, clean sand between your tippy toes? The mesmerizing beauty of Havelock Island always continues to amaze. The island has seen many repeat guests, mostly for diving in these pristine waters that are home to traffic jams of tropical reef fish. The tiny, sleepy island of Havelock lies amidst the magnificent Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 

While it would make sense that Havelock Island is most famously known for its marine life and watersports activities, on land and during your overnight surface intervals, you’ll find there are a few that compare to or size up to Bonova Cafe and Pub, best restaurant and pub in Havelock Islands. You’re on vacation now, so let your hair down and have some fun! Come over and grab a drink.

So come alive with the only fun nightlife on the island, Bonova Pub.

It’s right above Bonova Cafe and opens from 7:30 p.m. onward. An extraordinarily talented DJ plays and mixes upbeat dance numbers and tracks all night and will also take requests, keeping you on your toes and pumping to the music all through the night. 

At the Bonova Pub, one of the best pubs in Havelock Islands, you can order a variety of cocktails and alcoholic beverages. Our Bonova Ice Tea has been an absolute hit with all our guests who have tried it so far! You know that saying, “don’t mix drinks.” Forget it! Bonova Ice Tea is a beautiful mix of a range of spirits that turns out so smooth, everybody loves it!  

After a super fun day on the beach, it just feels great to end it with a fantastic night at the Bonova Pub. For those with that craving sweet tooth, try our tiramisu tower or our simply-soulful brownie vs. cheesecake dessert. Our starters, by the way, have been rated a solid 10 on 10 by all our guests. But that’s all just to solve your troubles. Cuz after sunset, the entire island goes quiet…almost dead! Hence The Bonova Pub! 

A visit to Havelock is incomplete unless you have had our lemon-butter lobster or steamed crab. Do yourself a massive favor and try the super-scrumptious beer-battered fried fish. Remember guys –  Vacation calories don’t count – so go ahead! 

Bonova Cafe at SeaShell Havelock

But during the day, our Bonova Cafe is still everyone’s favorite place to sit, chill and enjoy more than just a coffee. It is an aesthetically appealing cafe that dishes out freshly caught and sumptuously prepared seafood. Truly, the best cafe in Havelock, in our opinion. It gives the aura and ambience of the ‘class’ in classic. Its elegant decor complements its lively music. And the food constantly reminds you of how pristine and untouched the island still is. 

Bonova is beyond spectacular as it is located about 50 meters away from the busiest, most famous reef on Havelock – Nemo’s Reef! You could dive, snorkel, and swim at Nemo’s as many times as you’d like. And then hop across to Bonova for a battery recharge and tank refuel..! 

Our cafe completely transports you to a happy place, whether you’re with friends, family, or traveling alone. Every single one of our guests over the many years has just loved Bonova Cafe. 

Location, ambience and taste are what make Bonova Cafe and Pub the best in Havelock. 

If you visit Bonova Pub, do let us know.

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What kind of alcohol is available in Havelock?

Havelock Island has a wine shop from which you can buy the available range of alcohol, which is not too extensive but sufficient. If you like your beers cold, you might want to visit Bonova Pub which serves a much wider range of alcohol.

What is the range of beers available?

At Bonova Pub, you will get Budweiser, Heineken, Fosters and Kingfisher. But anywhere else on the island, you would probably only get Kingfisher. 

Are there lots of party places in Havelock?

Havelock is generally a very quiet, sleepy island, so not many party places exist. A few bars have opened, giving you the ability to unwind and relax, but none have the beachfront location that Bonova Pub does.

What is there to do at night or during the evening hours on Havelock?

At night, while at Havelock, just hop over to Bonova Pub, the best pub in Havelock Islands, with your friends. Alternatively, Seashells organizes some night walks and kayak tours as well. There is also the possibility of a night dive for certified divers.