Looking for the perfect beach vacation on a tropical, secluded, pristine island where you can’t decide whether to swim off the aqua-blue shoreline visible from your balcony or the tantalising in-house pool? Where the welcoming air of the locals is apparent not just in their cuisine and conduct, but in every minor detail that’ll make your vacation that much more special. Welcome, to SeaShell Samssara at Neil Island – Best Beach Resort in Neil Island.

Today we’re listing out all of Neil’s magical wonders – from our mythical mermaids – to our garden-fresh vegetables – so that you get to decide how long you’d like to stay here. While some backpackers came and never left, we’re going to chalk out a one-night, two-day itinerary for you.

On arrival, feast your eyes upon these magical soothing shades of blue that you will not see anywhere across the country. Take it all in, because you will miss it once back amidst the sounds of honking and smell of smoke. Look around at the schools of fish lazily socialising in knee-deep water, and allow their ridiculously flashy colours to inspire your fashion wardrobe. Once your eyes are sufficiently satiated, proceed to satiate your growling tummy with a feast of fresh veggies grown on the island, and a freshly-caught and scintillatingly-served seafood platter from our in-house local-cuisine restaurant.

Begin your tour of this tiny paradise island after asking reception for the tides, as some locations are best experienced in certain tidal conditions. If it’s low tide, head to our ‘Natural Bridge’ not so much for its spectacular rock formation itself, but for the magical secrets hidden within the tidal pools along the entire stretch of reef. Please do not swim off this beach, you could gravely injure yourself.

If the tide is high, grab your swimwear and treat yourself to a relaxing swim in our gorgeous pool hidden away amidst our lovingly cared-for tropical greenery.  Now refreshed, head straight to Laxmanpur beach to soak in this beautiful expanse of white sand where turtles once came to nest, and watch the drama of colours unfold in your skies as the sun sets into the ocean.

Return for the best seafood at our resto-bar on our beach resort on the Neil island and unwind under a blanket of stars with the rhythmic lullaby of gently lapping waves from our beach side, until you’re ready for a restful sleep in your luxurious room at SeaShell Beach Resort. Book a wake-up call and a cab before knocking off, in order to reach Sitapur beach in time for a glorious sunrise and a morning walk along this limestone marvel, but only in low tide.

Return for a light brekkie to refuel you for your next adventure through our in-house dive centre that takes you beneath our turquoise surface to witness our bustling underwater life amidst an intact bed of colourful coral reef home to our mythical mermaids (Sea Cows) that are a rare but wonderous sighting.

Grab a quick scrumptious brunch and freshen up for your ferry ride back to reconnect with city life.

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Q.: Where are Swaraj Dweep and Shaeed Dweep Islands?

A: Havelock Island has been renamed to Swaraj Dweep and Neil Island to Shaheed Dweep.

Q.: How do I reach Neil Island?

A: There is a range of private ferries (Makruzz, Sealink, Nautika, Green Ocean, or ITT Majestic) that now operate between Port Blair, Havelock and Neil.


Q.: Which country is the Andaman Islands part of?

A: The Andaman & Nicobar Islands are one of India’s 8 Union Territories.


Q.: If I stay in Port Blair can I make day visits to Havelock & Neil?

A: We recommend you spend overnight stays at these destinations as there is so much to see and do and experience here that you might find a day visit too unsatisfying. You can check the variety of activities we offer, along with our beautifully designed perfectly located properties at Havelock and Neil. If you feel uncertain about how to plan your vacation here, do take a look at our various packages to see if one of them fits your requirements.