The Things To Do Once You Are Here!

This amazing town of Port Blair offers you abundant opportunities to indulge in a lifestyle,which you cannot imagine of in your everyday life. Roam around the place to visit some historical landmarks. Eat from some of the finest restaurants, which bring international delicacies straight to your table. Experience the vivid amalgamation of styles that exhibits some extraordinary attire. Meet the locals to enjoy their folk celebrations, which are just

The island of Port Blair is widely known for its natural serenity and historical significance. There is a lot of sightseeing which forms a compulsory part of your to-do list here. Other than the world famous Cellular Jail, there is Chatham Saw Mill in close vicinity to be visited for sure. The Anthropological Museum is the best in Port Blair, introducing you to the true culture of tribes in this place. Reach Corbyn’s Cove to witness some Japanese bunkers which were used in World War II. It is the sandy area backed by palm trees, which offers an ecstatic view of the town from different angles.

Do not miss the Seafood which has an authentic Bengali touch. It is a mix of Indian and coastal preparation which makes it a very special treats to devour at Port Blair. However, there are all sorts of International diners and Indian restaurants as well. Tourists prefer the engaging views dining in sea-facing restaurants, multiplying their food experience many times.

There are water sports as well, with the expert trainers on watch all the time. Pack your bags with the needed accessories at ScubaLov, our in-house dive shop in Havelock, for your multiple trips to various Islands, to enjoy many hours of water fun wherever you go. Those arriving with long vacations usually plan to spend a couple of days, experiencing all sorts of water activities that this place has to offer.

When in Port Blair, you are also expected to enjoy the ferry rides, which are far cries in the busy towns of the country. Ferry is the best way to reach all the important spots, and can be booked through any of the ferry provider you may find in the town. There are some on-season and off-season packages all around the year, so you may rest assured of having some good deal during the time you step in Port Blair. The bus services are the alternative choices for those who wish to reach the places quick. Information about the bus timings can be collected from transportation and travel services counters, set-up all along the place.

Port Blair has everything that is expected of a well maintained island, along with the multi cultural co-existence which is rarely experienced. The local services and the local food here are the ideal recommendations if you wish to FEEL the island entirely. Visiting Port Blair is an opportunity to carry home the best memories ever!