What to Do Once Here?

Fortunately, the slow pace of Havelock becomes a prime reason for many to enjoy most on this oceanic paradise. Those who love this unaffected nature, tend to find a lot of activities to enhance their holidaying spirit here.

Walking along the beaches and enjoying the few quick splashes is the first to be recommended to the travellers. And if you are not doing this, you are getting around the place to meet the locals and experience the scenic beauty with variety of shades offered by tropical forests, clear waters and white and silver sand along the coastline. The sightseeing is majorly about the sea-life with some extremely rare species of fish, typical of Andaman. However, there are a few things which you must not miss doing before leaving from here:

Ferry Rides:

This is the best mode of getting around the place, while connecting with the neighbouring islands as well. The ferries from Havelock to Port Blair operate daily by some of the ferry operators. If your travel tends to be long, cherish the nature around you as your ferry sails! Now-a-days, it is common to find luxurious air-conditioned ferries for a completely memorable holiday trip, if you happen to choose Havelock for your vacations.

Hire The Vehicle:

The place gives you all the opportunities to get independent by hiring a 2-wheeler from the centre of the town. It may be anything of your choice- a bicycle, a scooter or a motorbike. Just hire it and roam around the place with the views travelling all along with you.

Scuba Diving:

The tourists here must be happy to know that when they come to Havelock, they come to a place that has world-class Scuba diving to offer.

At SeaShell, Havelock you have an access to the diving experience within your premises! We have our own in-house dive centre which offers PADI and SSI certified courses in diving along with Discover Scuba and Fun Dives, the exploring activities for the experienced divers.


Some excellent reefs at Havelock prove to be the best Snorkelling sites all across the town. The tourists may bring their own snorkelling accessories, or may rent out the fins and masks from the local shops at very affordable rates. Radhanagar Beach and Elephant Beach are known for their multiple reefs perfect for Snorkelling fun. South Button Island is another place where the reef is shallow, colourful and very vibrant. There are frequent boat rides from almost every beach taking you to the good sites.

Mangrove Safari and Fishing:

If you do not expect very dense Mangrove forests, your Safari trip among the tropical part of this island is going to be reasonably memorable. Also take the free time fishing in the sea shore. The local fishermen allow the fishing line for their guests during some specific hours.