Places of Interest

The 5 villages of Havelock Island are all significant of calm life and clear waters. However, there are some remarkable beaches which are must-see for any visitors arriving here. The beaches are often called by numbers; the tourists tend to remember the 3 numbers which are most recommended of all:

Radhanagar Beach or Beach #7:

Radhanagar Beach

In 2004, this most beautiful beach in Havelock was termed the best in whole of Asia! Smooth white sand, lush green forests in the backdrop overlooking turquoise waters form amazing amalgamation of colours and scenery. The right stretch of the beach takes you to Blue Lagoon. People often come here to capture the spectacular sunsets in their handy cameras.

Elephant Beach:

Elephant Beach

Known for the best corals found on the island, this beach shows the survival against 2004 Tsunami disaster. It is on the north of Radhanagar, making an excellent spot for snorkelling. From Radhanagar, it may be reached either by foot or by a boat. In dry weather, trekking along the beach is a great option.

Kalapathar Beach:

Kalapathar Beach

Based on a corner of the island, this beach symbolizes black rocks which offer it the name. This relaxing beach is famed for the Emerald waters, which are adorned by the tropical forest on the back and the shiny silver sand in the front. There cannot be a better place for solitude than this on Havelock.

Minerva Ledge:

Minerva Ledge

This is a famous dive site, which usually has good visibility for the divers to splash in. Tourists often visit here for the possibility of spotting Leopard sharks.

Dixon’s Pinnacle:

Dixon’s Pinnacle

Three pinnacles form this, housing a variety of sea life. Some rare species include Barracudas, Giant Napoleon turtles, white-tip shark, tube corals and sponges.

5 villages:

If the time permits, it is a good idea to walk through the 5 villages of Havelock, introducing the island’s day-to-day routine first hand:

  • Govinda Nagar.
  • Bejoy Nagar.
  • Shyam Nagar.
  • Krishna Nagar.
  • Radha Nagar.