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5 Ways to Unwind in the Neil Island

A tour to the Andaman and Nicobar islands is incomplete without a trip across the other majestic isles, all of which form the archipelago. What makes for a stunning tour is the distinct ways each of these islands is. There are several things you can do as you look for the hotels in Neil, and we shall check them out here.

Tour the Beaches

Neil island will not disappoint you as there are plenty of beaches for you to travel and relax. If you are staying at Sea Shell resorts in Neil, you can get a car to take you to all the beaches around the island. The unusual rock formation called the Howrah Bridge in the Lakshmanpur beach is out of this world. The Bharatpur and the Sitapur beaches are the other notable places to visit.


There are plenty of options for you to swim on the untouched seashores. You may even go for a refreshing time at the pool in the Sea Shell’s very own pool. The view of the sun setting down the horizon.
Scuba Diving

Head out to Bharatpur beach and get on your scuba gear to explore underwater marine life in these waters. The coral reefs and the diverse underwater life in Andaman are all enchanting.

If your beach holiday is more than just staying in the hotels in Andamans, head out to Lakshmanpur beach for snorkeling. The beauty of marine life is undoubtedly captivating to city-bred people like us.

Dig into Sumptuous Delicacies

Sea Shell has restaurants in its property and bars for your taste buds. Dig into local cuisine and even international delicacies at Urban Tadka. Imbibe in the drinks from the Fluidz bar or go for casual dining at bonova.

In short, make your stay in the SeaShell resorts in Neil Island a memorable experience to last a lifetime.