• Our stay was amazing, whole hotel was beautiful, clean and tidy! Rooms were lovely and best bed I have ever slept in.

    Chandrakanth - Andaman Lagoon

    Great Hotel, brilliant staff, we had a great time , rooms were so big and very clean , would highly recommend this hotel to anybody .

    Rajesh - Seashell Hotel

  • Seashell Havelock is a good Hotel with Great room overlooking The Beautiful Scenery. Spacious quiet and very comfortable.

    Charan Raj - Andaman Villa

    I stayed at this place for around two weeks. The staff was very helpful and helped me with my planning for going my place .

    Shivakumar - Andaman Chalet


  • Andaman Bungalow By / 10th February, 2017

    Bungalows are most superior quality rooms with a Sea View private sit out .

    Andaman Villa By / 15th February, 2014

    Air conditioned cozy wooden duplex. Enjoy the comfort and the privacy.

  • Andaman Cottage By / 19th May, 2014

    An air conditioned cozy wooden cottage in the midst of coconut grooves.

    Andaman Chalet By / 15th February, 2014

    A comfortable air conditioned wooden cabin to get cozy. With a sit out to enjoy the sea view while sipping a cup of coffee.

  • Andaman Lagoon By / 15th February, 2014

    Spacious room with French window to enjoy a postcard view of the sea and coconut grooves from the comfort of your air conditioned room.

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